9 Things You Should Never Hide From Your Girl,She Would Always Find Out


I sincerely believe honesty remains the best policy, so why try to hide things from her that she would eventually discover. It’s better you tell her about these things than to have her find it out herself, as most times it doesn’t end well if she finds out herself.

Below are 9 things you should never hide from your girl

1. If you have jealousy issues, she would definitely find out, so why bother hide it? It’s better you tell her you have jealousy issues or she could resent you if she finds out herself.

2. Please tell her about your massive debts if you have any and don’t bother hiding it from her because she would always find out. Trust me.

3. If you lack skills guys traditionally should have, like changing a tire, it’s good you let her know and don’t pretend you know them because you might be with her one day and she gets a flat tire. So stop bragging about stuffs you can’t do.

4. If you smoke or do drugs, it’s best you let her know before you start the relationship because you can’t hide it from her forever.

5. Why bother hide your health issues from her when she would always find out.

6. If you are a dirty dude, she would always find out. It’s better you change now or risk her knowing you are a dirty dude.

7. No need pretending to have the same religious beliefs with her when you know you have a different religious belief from hers because she would always find out.

8. Stop pretending to be a cool guy when you have huge anger issues because she would always find out.

9. Women always have a way of finding out if you cheated in your previous relationships. So is there really any point trying to hide it from her?


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