A Chinese Restaurant Steals Dogs From Locals In Jo’burg For Cooking!!!


In front, it’s just an ordinary Chinese accessories shop but at the back, it’s a restaurant for Chinese meat lovers, specialising in dog meat.

A Chinese shop in Joburg CBD is also serving as a restaurant they divided the shop into two. The front part in a normal electronic shop and the back part is a kitchen with table where dogs are grilled day and night.

An employee who tipped JMPD off after he peeped into the back of the shop and say dogs being grilled. He got suspicious when a huge number of Chinese came into the shop and walk straight to the back every day and he was never allowed to go there.

5 men and 2 two women were arrested and they failed to account where they get the dogs from. More than 40 dogs were already killed. Somewhere grilled and some were in the fridge.

A few more were in a cage inside a van outside


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