A.K.A verus CASSPER NYOVEST : IDRIS ELBA gives his thoughts


Idris Elba may be an award-winning actor, but he’s also a keen musician. As reported by The Juice earlier this year, Idris even collaborated with the Kokomaster, D’banj, on a track called, Confidential.

The Juice spoke to Idris about his documentary, Mandela, My Dad and Me, set to air in South Africa on 6 December on the History channel (Channel 186) at 8:30pm.

But we managed to also speak to him about hip-hop in South Africa.

Idris, who was meant to arrive in the country on Sunday, had to cancel his trip after it emerged that his daughter did not have the correct documentation required under the new immigration laws passed earlier this year.

idris elba

As disappointed as he was, he did admit that he is interested in hearing AKA and Cassper’s music.

Admitting that he has not recently kept up with the happenings on the SA hip-hop scene, Idris wanted to know more about AKA and Cassper, as well as the feud between the two.

“Who is winning? Who should I be looking out for? That’s quite interesting. (The feud between the two) I’m really interested to find out who is winning between the two.”

So, AKA and Cassper, we’ll be sure to let you when Idris is in SA. He did say he wants to hear your music!




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