“Boity She’s a WitchAnd is Not a Real Sangoma” Alfred


A man claiming to be Boity’s client said she is not a real sangoma.

He claimed to have paid boity R40 000 for cleansing and good luck.

“Boity is not a real sangoma I paid her a lot of money to help me with my businesses and nothing changed”

A businessman known as Alfred said he visited Boity when she was a fresh new sangoma for help with his falling businesses and he did whatever she told him to but his situation just got worse.

She is full of herself she was using a smartphone with her right hand and throwing bones with her left hand, she told me to divorce my wife because she is a witch. She even ordered me to burn a bed I sleep with my wife on. A R25 000 bed, I burned it so that my businesses can succeed”

“Now my situation is worse, seven out of eight of my businesses have fallen completely ever since she I visited her. I am single and my wife is now happily married to my best friend, they even had a white wedding”

“When I call her she had the nerve to tell me it is because I said goodbye when I left her hut”


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