Fired for wearing EFF t-shirt in Rustenburg Municipality


A woman want to seek legal action after she was fired from Rustenburg municipal offices for wearing an EFF t-shirt.

She said her superior told her to take the t-shirt off and submit an ANC membership to him in two weeks.

He immediately told her she was fired when she said she joined the EFF.

26-year-old IT specialist says she is now going to seek legal action against the municipality.

A woman would who said she worked for the Rustenburg municipality offices for two and a half years said she had been fired for leaving ANC, joining EFF and wearing a red t-shirt with EFF emblem.

“I thought he was joking be he was always friendly with me until they gave me a letter showing that I was officially fired. How can you fire a person from a government job simply because they chose a different party?.

Thato who is from Tlhabane in Rustenburg says they probably just wanted to fire her and pick the EFF t-shirt as a reason.

. “He told me we have no jobs for fighters while comrades are unemployed what is that?”.

She was fired on the 11th of February, we will keep you updated on the development of the story. Thato’s full names and last name will not be revealed for safety reasons.


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