How to become a millionaire in South Africa


Becoming a millionaire is easier than it’s ever been.

The truth is that all of us can become as wealthy as we decide to be. None of us is excluded from wealth. If you have the desire to receive money, whatever the amount, you have all of the rights to do so, and there’s no limit to how much you can earn for yourself.

Money is like the sun; it does not discriminate. It doesn’t say: “I will not give light and warmth to this flower, tree or person because I don’t like them.” Like the sun, money is abundantly available to all of us who truly believe that it is for us. No one is excluded.

Here are seven tips to help you become a millionaire:

1 Change your thinking

You have to see the bigger picture. When most people see just trees, you need to look at the entire forest. This way, you’ll be able to chart your own course and get to where you want to be. By having a vision and the goals to attain that vision, your possibilities are endless.

You’ll have to go through plenty of self-discovery before you earn your first million. Knowing the truth about yourself isn’t always the easiest task. Changing your thinking is a requirement for wealth.

2 Save relentlessly

For many individuals, there’s too much month at the end of the money. However, you’ll have to make your best effort to save as much as you can, even if it’s a ridiculously low amount.

There are many techniques for saving money. You need to find your own system and start building your wealth. Even if you’re on a fixed income, you need to find the discipline necessary to save.

Whether you start out with saving R50 or R500 a month, do the best you can and invest this money in the best way possible.

3 Learn from millionaires

Most people are surrounded by what I like to call “default friends”. These people are acquaintances who we see at the grocery store, gym, school, work and other places. We naturally befriend these people as trust grows. However, in most cases, these people aren’t millionaires and cannot help you become one either.

If you truly desire and aspire to be a millionaire, these people may tell you it’s impossible. They’ll tell you that you’re living in a fantasy world and why you’ll never be able to make it happen. Instead, learn from millionaires. Let go of these relationships and seek new ones that can help you get to the next level.

4 Indulge in wealth

To become wealthy, you must first learn about wealth. This means that you’ll have to put yourself in situations that you’ve never been in before. For instance, you can test-drive a new car, get a realtor to show you an expensive home, or get a brownie from the finest bakery in town.

Most of this will not break your bank. In fact, some of it is free. You’ll have to go where 97% of people aren’t willing to go if you want to make your financial dreams happen. Are there luxury golf courses, spas or museums in your area that will allow you to indulge in wealth? If so, take advantage.

5 Believe it’s possible

If you believe that it’s possible to become a millionaire, you can make it happen. However, if you’ve excluded yourself from this possibility and think that it’s for other people, you’ll never have money.

Learn relentlessly about yourself and money. You can do this by reading books that have been written by millionaires themselves. By gaining a well-rounded education and staying inspired, you’ll be able to get the wealth you’ve been
looking for.

6 Enlarge your service

Your material wealth is the sum of your total contribution to society.

People are waiting to be served.

Enlarging your service is also about “going the extra mile”. When it comes to helping others, you must give it everything you have.

Don’t think about whether the people you serve will appreciate your service or not.

You just plant the seeds and nature will take care of
the rest.

7 Seize all opportunities

In every neighbourhood, no matter where you are, there are always opportunities to do good. Your community desperately needs your help. If you would only open your mind and heart to these opportunities, you’ll find that they will be ready to reward you in due time.

Furthermore, you cannot say no to opportunities and expect to become a millionaire. You must seize every opportunity that has your name on it. Sometimes the monetary reward will not come immediately, but if you keep planting seeds, eventually you’ll grow your fruitful crop.

Money is the harvest of your production. Everything that you have is in direct proportion to your actions. If you’ve done everything that you can do and have a purpose for your life, you can expect to become wealthy. You must desire wealth and eventually the money will come when you are ready for it.




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