Lady Zamar Dumps Sjava for Not Being Circumcised and Having a Small Joystick!!!


On Saturday the heartbroken Sjava twitted a picture of himself and ex-lover Lady Zamar.

Jabulani Hadebe popularly known as Sjava twitted a pic of them together and included a heart emoji. It made it very clear that the poor musician was heartbroken. It was not very long till the annoyed and pissed off Lady Zamar acted. Lady Zamar (known for her ridiculous fashion sense) replied to tweeps who demanded her response and she quickly shut down the speculations.

She told tweeps not to be mentioning her as they were dating for over a year and ended things in March this year. It was later revealed that they also had issues with Sjava  going for circumcision since the beginning of their relationship and other issues that were personal and could not be changed but only hopes becoming better after circumcision.

They had decided not to meet anywhere in public until Sjava grants Lady Zamar’s wish and cut his foreskin. The typical Zulu man resisted until Lady Zamar got frustrated with the polo neck and decided to end things with him. You could tell from her response that Lady Zamar will not go back until the dude gets circumcised.



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