Marriage collapses over UNDER.W.EAR!


A married woman left her unemployed husband for another man taunting him that he could not even afford to buy her underwear.

Lizzy Chademana of Zaka said she had become tired of wearing torn underwear when she was wooed by another villager, Joshua Wafa.

The husband, Samson Chademana dragged his rival to Chief Ndanga’s traditional court seeking damages. Samson charged that his pride and dignity had been wounded by Joshua who snatched his wife whom he has two children with.
Lizzy hooked up with Joshua after she borrowed an undisclosed amount of money from him because she wanted to buy new underpants which her unemployed husband was reportedly failing to provide.

Joshua saw an opportunity for romance and wormed his way into Lizzy’s heart. The two, after striking the love deal, left Zaka for Mutare where they are now reportedly staying together away from Samson’s prying eyes.
“I can confirm that I presided over a case where Samson Chademana came before my court claiming Joshua Wafa took his wife Lizzy. I summoned all the three parties for a hearing. Wafa and Lizzy then confirmed that they were now married.

Lizzy told the court that she left her husband because he was economically abusing her.
“She said Samson was failing to provide reasonable support for her. She went on to mock Samson saying she could not stay with a man who was even failing to buy her undergarments.

Her sentiments were despite the fact that the two — Samson and Lizzy — had been married for a long time and had two children together.

“Following their admission that they were now a couple I then fined Wafa two beasts which I ordered him to give to Samson as damages for snatching his wife,” said Chief Ndanga.




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