Mandela family furious at Malema for blasting Madiba!


JOHANNESBURG – The royal house of Mandela has lashed out at EFF leader Julius Malema saying he has made “trash can politics his personal brand” after criticising nelson Mandela’s legacy.

During a visit in the United Kingdom earlier this week, Malema said Mandela “sold out” the Freedom Charter and ultimately the revolution.

The Mandela family says in a statement that this is “ridiculous”.

The royal house of Mandela says Nelson Mandela’s legacy of nation-building, reconciliation and social cohesion stands as a monumental work in progress guided by the Freedom Charter.

The Mandela family says this is something Malema will not understand.

It goes on to acknowledge that “all is not well in with country’s young democracy but that doesn’t excuse Malema for making spuriously and unsubstantiated claims regarding Mandela’s relationship with big businesses”.

The Mandelas say Malema himself is a beneficiary of patronage.

The family says it appears if the EFF leader capitulated to the kind of thinking that characterised right wing leader Eugene Terblanche’s mission to undermine the democracy at any cost.

Source:Ewn News



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