New Musician boyfriend for Senzo Meyiwa’s first wife


In December last year, a young Soweto woman claims Senzo Meyiwa’s widow Mandisa Mkhize stole her man while still married to the soccer star.

The then 20-year-old Dobsonville whiskey promoter, Neo Shale, claimed that Mkhize had been seeing her multimillionaire sugar daddy behind her back for more than a year.

She claimed that the married Kempton Park-based businessman (name supplied), confessed to her that he was dating Mkhize, but said “he broke up with her a week before Senzo was killed”.

“I was so devastated when he told me about Mandisa because I thought I was his only girlfriend, second only to his wife since we have been together for a year.”

Shale further claimed that Mandisa sought consolation from the businessman when there were allegations on social media that she may have had a hand in her husband’s killing.

Now there are rumours that the Meyiwas were recently confused about Mandisa’s whereabouts. The Meyiwas wanted here to come to Sam’s home so they could perform cleansing rituals for her. Sources whispered that she changed her numbers and nobody knew her whereabouts.

“The Meyiwas have been looking for Mandisa and she is nowhere to be found. Her phone has been off for months and nobody knows where she is,” said the source.

Another source said she has moved on with her life and was dating a maskandi musician (name supplied).

“The man is renting a place for her and taking care of her upkeep. She is living like a madam. She has no care in the world,” says another source.

When reached for comment, Sam, however, gave the media a different version.

“Mandisa is here with us as we speak. She has been nothing but a dignified makoti who has respected Senzo and his family throughout this whole mess caused by Kelly Khumalo. Please don’t accuse Mandisa of things she has not done,” he claimed.

Sam and Kelly have been at loggerheads since Senzo’s passing.

Efforts to speak to Mandisa drew a blank as her old number does not work. Her friends and in-laws refused to give out her new numbers.

However, last time we spoke to her after news broke out that she had cheated on Senzo with a millionaire, she was cagey when asked about the alleged affair but confirmed knowing the businessman.

“I know him, but not like that,” she said.

When told about Shale’s claims that she had cheated on Meyiwa with the businessman, Mandisa said: “Even if I dated him, that’s none of her business,” and hung up the phone.

Source:Online Correspondent



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