Oscar Pistorius is Now a Bully To Other Inmates !!!


Oscar Pistorius is making a name for himself behind bars.

He is now feared because he had gained respect in prison.

According to the information we have he might be affiliated to a certain gang.

Expert lawyers says if he’s not careful he will end up serving extra time.

What’s happening in the Pretoria prison where Oscar Pistorius is locked up is quite unusual. He is disabled but Oscar Pistorius is wreaking havoc behind bars. This came as a shock to us because we were told he was running bible studies last year and now he is the bully.

There was also rumours about him starting a vegetable garden. and now he is an apparent gang member. Read the email we received below and judge for yourself.


me and my sister visited my brother in prison last week he is locked in the same place as Oscar. He is a good guy and he is doing time for false accusations but that’s not the real issue.

When we arrived he refused to come out to see us and my sister is a lawyer so she pulled some strings and we were allowed to go inside. I was shocked to see that my brothers face was buttered and he have lost three front teeth.

After minutes of pursuing him to tell us what happened he finally told us he was beat up by Oscar and his gang. He told us the good things we hear about Oscar is all fake and he is a gang affiliate nobody can touch him because even the guards are scared of the gangs because they have members outside.

My sister is trying to convince my brother to open charges against Oscar and his goons. Don’t be surprised when you hear about his new court appearance or extended time”

Jabu Mhlongo a professional lawyer said Oscar probably joined the gang to feel safe from the gang. Or the gang leaders picked up Oscar because they could benefit from his friendship both inside and outside the prison. “But it could follow him for the rest of his life, this is how people end up getting arrested for conspiracy gang affiliation is not child’s play.


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