Multi-award winning Afro-pop musician Zahara is coming for everything that was stolen from her during her early days in the music industry by her former management company executives, TS Records’ TK Nciza and Sbu Leope.

Zahara who made headlines earlier on the week for seeking help for her drinking problems seems to be on the verge of turning her life around.

Zahara told DispatchLive that she was underpaid for her performances, the sale of her records, and royalties for when her songs were aired.

Claims were maid on her biggest album which was released in 2011 which she says sold more than 500,000 copies.

A telephonic interview made by The Dispatch Tuesday, Nciza apparently laughed off Zahara’s financial claims.

He said her top three albums combined could not have made the amount she was claiming.

“Now that things are going bad she wants to make an excuse and point fingers.”

But Zahara said: “I want my money back, all of it. Many artists suffer in silence, suffer depression and ultimately die paupers. I won’t be a statistic. I will speak out.”

When Zahara was asked how much she asked how much she is owed, she estimated that it was in the millions, she could not give the exact amount as she explained that she is currently busy with her legal team who are trying to help her out with figuring the exact amount of money that is owed to her.

Zahara also explained that she is currently able to sustain herself because of the money she receives and saves from SAMRO.

Speaking to Daily Sun Zahara said that artists are being robbed and that wastes their lives away. It would be better to learn to do things for themselves.

“I advise artists with similar issues never to be scared to fight for what’s rightfully theirs.

“They were born with talent and they should reap the rewards for that talent, and not let others use them for their own benefit.” she said.


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