CONGREGANTS at an Apostolic Faith Mission Church in Emakhandeni suburb in Bulawayo were last Sunday left in perpetual shock during a church service when a 28-year-old sangoma surrendered her juju before giving a chilling confession following her spiritual deliverance by the church’s pastor, Jacob Katsekera.

Precious Mpofu exposed some eerie secrets behind her 10-year mysterious profession revealing that she was initiated into the “kingdom of darkness” when she was 18 years old.

In a video clip showing her deliverance which is also in possession of B-Metro Precious said as part of her initiation she was given two rings to use as her source of power.

She said when she went to an initiation “school” she also stayed under water for a couple of months.

During her initiation she was also taught how to use plants, herbs and trees and to mix them with animal parts and skins and produce strong charms for her clients.

Precious claimed that after her initiation under water, she became a powerful sangoma as she was now possessed with 24 spirits, three of a mermaid nature.

She said before she was spiritually delivered she was married to two spiritual husbands who assisted her to diligently perform her mystical duties.

The video clip showed Pastor Katsekera praying for Mpofu upon which she violently reacted and an uncanny voice spoke out through her, identifying itself as “Great Marine Queen”.

“Before I became a popular sangoma I was first initiated into the marine Kingdom when I was 18 years old but the spirit however, started manifesting in me when I was in Form Three leading me to drop out of school.

I was initiated with the help of my paternal grandfather who was also possessed with a marine spirit which was highly respected in the family.

“After quitting school my parents took me to another granny in Nkulumane where I was spiritually boosted before I was taken to a river in Mashonaland East where I stayed under the water for one year as part of the initiation and during that time when I was under the water other relatives thought I was in South Africa.

After the initiation I was given a diamond ring which was also declared to me as my spiritual husband called Micheal,” Precious told the shocked congregation.

Precious further said during the night Micheal was always visiting her in her bedroom to discuss her magical works before he mysteriously disappeared.

She also left the church in shock when she demonstrated how she was conducting her business while displaying her tools of the trade comprising animal bones, python skins, knobkerries, powder and rounded stones which she claimed she was given during her initiation under water.

“When I went to South Africa to practice my business I met an Indian woman who invited me for further initiation in KwaZulu Natal. She asked me to throw away my diamond ring before she gave me another ring-gold type saying it contained great magical powers than the one which I was having. That ring means that I was now having two spiritual husbands. Following that initiation I was now both a spirit medium of my family and a powerful sangoma possessed with 24 spirits, three which were of a mermaid nature.”

She added that before her spiritual deliverance she wanted to get out but the ethics of her ‘profession’ did not permit backtracking.

“I was living in constant fear,” she stated. “I was not even allowed to eat too much food, drink tea and apply lotion to my body. These spirits were always telling me that if I disobeyed them I was going to die.”

Speaking to B-Metro, Pastor Katsekera said Precious’ spiritual deliverance was a pure sign that he was being used by God.

“Basically it was God’s power which was at work. Although I had done a lot of spiritual deliverance but this one was exceptional considering what Precious had gone through when she was initiated as a sangoma,” he said.

Source -B metro



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