Stoan Seate finally BREAKS SILENCE over fight with Ntsiki Mazwai


Stoan Seate has for the first time broken his silence over his Sunday night Twitter rant.

On Tuesday, in a series of tweets Stoan made it clear in not so many words that he stands by what was said in the NSFW tweets in which he slammed Ntsiki Mazwai over a blogpost about “absent fathers”, supposedly aimed at him.

“You’ve never seen me get this untidy. So you have to ask how far I have been pushed… Let bullies get as much as they give… And I will not take those tweets down. Thanks,” Stoan tweeted.

“What you eat does not make me deficate… Unprovoked! O seke wa ntshwenya…”

Without mentioning any names, Stoan subtweeted all the partied involved in the saga – presumably Thandiswa and Ntsiki Mazwai – by posing the following questions:

“This is what they wanted, now here we are. Is this good for anybody? Honestly…”

“How is all of this supposed to make me a better contributor to a precious life?? How?”

Ntsiki noted the subtweets and shared this on her timeline:

“These subtweets better get off my timeline [sic] awu ngeke sbali”

Furthermore, Thandiswa posted a series of ambiguous tweets on Tuesday morning too.

“I know the truth and it ain’t pretty,” Thandiswa wrote.

“I am graceful not weak.mostly I am mother….have a good day everybody…I hope u grow up to know what love really means



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