Stoane Seate and Ntsiki Mazwai FIGHT


Stoane Seate was fuming on Sunday Sun night as he created a Twitter storm directed at controversial poet Ntsiki Mazwai.

Stoane who has a daughter with Ntsiki’s sister Thandiswa Mazwai took a jab at Ntsiki even calling her a b*****.

The drama started after Ntsiki posted a blog about absent fathers directing it to Stoan following his 18 December cover on Drum magazine with his other three daughters and his wife Dolly.

In the post, Ntsiki said: “I was made a parent at 20. I was excited to be an aunt but I never expected that I would have to play daddy. It is not ok with me when I see a man ignore his child while he pretends to be a family man….it is not ok with me AT ALL.”

Stoan snapped back on his Twitter page, saying: “Ntsiki Mazwai talks a lot of crap like she is super man! Where are her babies??? Bi*** better step or shut the fuck up.”
He even pushed her to respond by tagging Thandiswa Mazwai on the post. “Say something so that your sister’s biz can be up in the streets.”

In the Drum cover article Stoan was portrayed as a family man who always makes time for his kids. In the interview he said his daughter with Thandiswa couldn’t make it to the shoot as she was away on holiday.
In the post titled F*** absent fathers Ntsiki said she is shattered when my niece asks, ‘Why doesn’t daddy love me?”

The poet also defended her sister Thandiswa.

“I am also tired of seeing my sibling suffer in silence while she carries his load. No woman deserves this. No woman deserves to take ALL the responsibility for two people making love. Everybody who was present at conception must be present for the raising.”

Stoan said: “allows her sisters it talks masepa about our child on a social network to embarrass me!! That shit shady as FU**!!”

Stoan left people with a big bomb revealing that Bongo Maffin will never come back.

Source:Daily Sun



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