Watch: “Mshoza Blast a Stalker On Social Media”



If you are thinking of asking Mshoza out, think twice.

The singer just shared that she is worth over R500 000! and you can’t just ask her out on whatsapp.

We are not sure who has been asking Mshoza out on whatsapp but the Kortes hitmaker has to let the world know that she is expensive!

“Look at the girl you are asking before you proceed”, Mshoza said, proceeding to say you can’t give her R5000 a month and have the audicity to claim her!.

She says she pays R6000 for her place on a monthly basis and she does not expect anyone who gives her R5000 and R110 airtime to say she can afford her.

She went further, letting us know that the man in her life have Lambos, and they have paid tons of money to make her beautiful!

They have paid for her bum, boobs and nose.

And just to clear the air, Mshoza says she doe have a man in her life but she needed to let people know!

I was not saying I am in need of man , I am okay with where I am , I do have a man, I was just letting you know that my man spends tons of money on me” 

“I am just chilling in my house with a Versace t-shirt, and that it worth your car”!

Mshoza does not want a man that has less than a million on his account!


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