Ways To Make Studying Fun And Interesting


Studying is not always fun. Having noted that though, one has to study in order to ace examinations, so you might as well make it fun in your own way! From making your environment more conducive to enjoying the study, to finding ways to help improve your concentration, studying can be made more interesting. Here is some guidance and advice to get you started.

1. Use Music
Put on some music that has catchy tunes that will relax you. Never use music or songs that have lyrics to them: it will catch your attention too much, unless you are a type that can zone out lyrics, and it will take your mind off of studying. Something in the electronic music genres such as pop or jazz is great for studying.

2. Keep Snacks Close
Get together some healthy snacks to nibble on as you study. Allowing yourself a little nibble every now and then helps the study time to pass more pleasantly. Also, it is often effective if you use snacks as a form of treat for yourself every time you complete a part of the work. Don’t have a huge bag of chips – try to have something simple such as an apple or banana.

3. Get Cool Or Creative Stationery And Desk Gear
Your supplies can encourage you to study – a pen that feels just right in your hand, paper that is so soft the pen glides over it, a book stand that stops your book from slumping over, a row of colored highlighters begging to be used and a scented eraser that smells delicious.

4. Schedule Time Slots For Study And For Play
Don’t make your study a never-ending process. Give it its time slot and devote yourself to it during this times and then reward yourself with the things you really feel like doing afterwards. Use the study time effectively, don’t doodle, feel sorry for yourself or call up friends.

5. Look At Your Study From A Different Perspective
Maybe it’s study in an area you really dislike or you just don’t care about. Try to think outside the actual pages before you and put the topic into a wider perspective. Think of the sorts of careers people have using this study topic; think of how everyday problems are solved using the techniques that the study is requiring of you.

6. Get A Pet To Encourage You
If you have a household friend, such as a cat or a fish, you can have them around you as you study. Purring cats provide a great source of rhythmical comfort that can ease the studying time and a fish swimming around and around can do wonders for reminding you that it’s worth studying so that you can become a bigger fish in a sea of many.

7. Take Breaks
Frequent, short breaks are better for you and your thinking processes than infrequent, long breaks. Set an alarm on your computer or on a clock to go off every half hour and go for a stretch, get a coffee or milkshake, see what the weather’s like outside. No matter how old you are, try to make your material into a game.

8. Make Flash Cards
The best site on the internet to make flashcards on is Quizlet. When making your flashcards, always do the term in capital letters and the definition in lowercase letters. Using different handwriting, colors, and decorating your flashcards will help you remember them.

9. If You Are Reading Use Funny Accents Or Weird Voices
It is also good if you record yourself and listen to the recording at least once every night. This is helpful in literature and history textbook.

10. Change Scenery
Pack up your textbook, notes and binder and try heading to your local coffee shop or library. Bonus: someone there may be able to help you with your homework!


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