Wife brutally assaulted for making Grand Bae her profile picture


Social media has been flooded with images of the good looking 54 year old Irvin Randle who has been dubbed Mr Steal Your Girl or Grand Bae. However, one woman in Zimbabwe is regretting ever coming across the pictures of grand bae after she was heavily assaulted by her husband for putting up the sizzling man as her Whatsapp display picture.

Speaking to the Police, the 31 year old woman identified as Rudo Mutizwa said she saw no harm in fantasizing over someone who is thousands of miles away. Rudo said her husband, Malcom, questioned her when he saw the photo of Irvin on her WhatsApp. The husband was fuming and demanded that Rudo remove it to which Rudo said she refused, citing it was harmless fun.

“When he came home he did not even greet me. He went straight to his bedroom and when I followed he pushed me and said I disrespect him. I came close to him and he pushed me”, a sobbing Rudo narrated.

Malcom was arrested and charged with assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and will appear in court at a date to be confirmed. An unrepentant Malcom said she will not have her wife ‘drool’ over another man in his presence. He even further said he was willing to do jail time for this. The couple has two children together and Malcom is the bread winner.

Randle, who has two grandchildren, quickly garnered internet fame as the photos went viral, and now he says he is managing to cope with all the attention. The grandfather had learned about his photos going viral through his friends and family, including his daughter Jessica who lives in Los Angeles. ‘She called and said, “Dad, you’re trending on Twitter.” I told her I’m not on Twitter, and I don’t know what trending means,’ Randle said.

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    Be careful out there some guys are insecure.

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    probably forex

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    Hi iMzanzi, please sub your copies properly.

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    a good laugh crazy ass husband he need to be getting hot like Grand BRAE DWL

  6. cant blame the guy

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    That husband is ugly both inside and outside

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    that lady needs a serious beating

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