Woman Shares Unusual Story About How She got Pregnant as a Virgin!!


A young woman has narrated the story of how she got pregnant as a virgin. The young woman identified as Wathoni Anyansi narrated her story during an interview on Lolo Talks a Youtube Channel. The interview which aired on Saturday, 6 April, went into details about how the pregnancy came about and the possibility of it happening to anyone. Anyansi, who is now a mother of a healthy boy, revealed that she had got pregnant as a virgin at 23 years old. She explained that she was shocked when she found out five months into her pregnancy. 

According to her, the baby was not showing and she was losing weight, she explained that she had no sign of knowing that she had been pregnant, except from the fact that she was not menstruating. The woman revealed that she had dismissed the menstruation because she was sure it could not be a pregnancy when she never had any sexual intercourse.

Anyansi explained all she did with the man she was dating at the time was make out. She, however, stated that on the day her baby was conceived they were both naked and her boyfriend had ‘released’.

The interviewer, Lolo Cynthia, also invited a medical doctor simply identified as Doctor Shade who confirmed that it is possible for a virgin to get pregnant.



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