Zimbabwe Police SHUTS down Oskido’s all white Party!


Zimbabwe Police shut down Oscar “Oskido” Mdlongwa’s annual All White Christmas Party at Club Eden on Friday night.

The cops reportedly shut down the party at 4AM Saturday.

Had it not been for the police the party would have probably continued till 10AM as DJ Oskido, DJs Bobstar and Tony digital were in a no-nonsense mood.

Club Eden manager Manu Mahaso said the police told them to shut down as time was up.

“They said we should comply with our licence. So they came in and told us to shut down. It was DJ Bobstar on the decks,” said Mahaso.

oskido all white
Afterwards hordes of people started trickling out of the club with some complaining that the cops had dampened their festive mood.

“It’s festive season police shouldn’t be so strict. We came here to spend money till the break of dawn now we’re going home. They should consider people are in a celebratory mood,” said Duncan Moyo from Hillside.

Oskido clad in a white cap, t-shirt and slops, took over the decks at 1.30AM.

The dress code was only adhered to mostly by women and his entourage, while the men in the crowd were in an assortment of colours.

On the dance floor Oskido greeted revellers to announce he was on the decks who in turn quickly took out their smart phones to take videos and pictures of him on the decks.

The dance floor was packed with hardly any room for people to show off their dancing skills.

Combining house and kwaito hits such as Professor’s Lento, DJ Kent’s Don’t let go, DJ Black Coffee’s We dance again and the new hit Ngicishe ngafa by DJ Knaves, Oskido showed that he knew what he was doing.

After two hours on the decks, Oskido handed over to DJs Tony Digital and Bobstar who kept the dance floor packed until the cops came to shut down the show.

Meanwhile, at Hillside Dams the Christmas Day gig featuring South Africa’s DJ Cyndo failed to kick off as she didn’t show up.

Hillside Dams was a sorry sight as scores of dejected fans, upon realising that there was no party, ended up going to Oskido’s show to salvage the night.

DJ Cyndo was supposed to perform with Mpumi, Fiesta Black, DJ Crème supposed by local acts such as Cal_Vin, Noma that girl and Judgment Yard.




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