11 arrested for fake matric certificates11 arrested for fake matric certificates-Image Source@X

Umalusi, the authority responsible for ensuring education quality, has officially reported the apprehension of eleven suspects engaged in the illicit trade of fake matric certificates.

This revelation surfaced during a press conference addressing the evaluation of the 2023 national senior certificate exams, closely preceding the imminent release of the final matric results scheduled for Friday.

Among those detained is an employee from the Higher Education Department, caught red-handed exchanging diplomas for monetary gain.

Commitment to Eradicate Fake Certificates

Umalusi, steadfast in its commitment to eradicating the sale of fake matric certificates, underscores its obligation to issue only genuine and trustworthy certificates.

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CEO Mafu Rakometsi affirms that although arrests have been made, Umalusi remains dedicated to collaborating with law enforcement to ensure that perpetrators of certificate forgery face the full legal consequences.

Fake matric certificates
11 arrested for fake matric certificates-Image Source@X

Rakometsi reassures the public of Umalusi’s confidence in the credibility of the 2023 matric exams and resultant outcomes.

Preserving Integrity and Credibility

Umalusi’s primary objective is to safeguard the integrity of national senior certificates. Through close cooperation with law enforcement, the regulatory body aims to uphold the credibility of these certificates, safeguarding the interests of students and employers alike.

Ongoing police investigations reflect Umalusi’s unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest educational standards and ensuring accountability for those engaged in fraudulent activities.

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Deterrence Through Collaboration

Umalusi’s collaboration with law enforcement agencies serves as a potent deterrent to those seeking to undermine the education system by peddling counterfeit matric certificates.

Umalusi’s proactive measures against the sale of forged matric certificates underscore its dedication to upholding the credibility of national senior certificates. Through synergy with law enforcement, Umalusi aims to protect the educational value for students and employers.

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