‘2012 vs 2021’ — Unathi Nkayi is all the body goals

Unathi Nkayi.

Media personality Unathi Nkayi is body goals for life. Her followers have been getting more than their fill from her fiery body in bikini snaps.

But it hasn’t always been this rosy for the star. On Sunday she opened up about her weight loss journey and said she was thrilled she had kept a promise she made to herself.

The slideshow snaps are before and after pics in her decade-long pursuit to have her dream bod.

While people have been left in awe, she revealed she dropped the ball for a while during the country’s lockdown, but realised she had let herself down and was determined to make a change.

“If you want it you can have it. A year ago I was not happy with my body because of lockdown. My daughter thought she was getting a younger sibling (which she still wants) and would tell everyone how excited she was at the prospect. I had regressed with my body goals.”

Keeping to the schedule proved to be difficult, but Unathi was consistent in fetching her body and it has paid off.

“On NYE 2020 I went for a sunset run alone at the stairs and promised myself to make sure I would feel very different this time round December 2021. Which I did because I kept my promise to myself. Good luck with your goals. You’re worth it, beloved. I look at these pics to remind me why I started 2012 vs 2022”

In these pics she shares her transformation journey:


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