Mandoza was very charismatic. His musical instrument was his voice. It was his distinguishable voice, then his beats. Sometimes you could listen to his voice without the beat and find truth and a message to help you go on with that one day that was the difference between suicide or life, lack of confidence or clinching that business coz you are a Nkalakatha!

Mandoza wasn’t a rapper. He WAS a kwaito star.

We have lost a great musician, a social icon but we have gained immortality in his music.

Lets get to it!

5. His first name was Edmund

Mandoza was born on January 19th 1978. And his mother or father or aunt decided I’m going to call my bundle of joy Mduduzi. Pretty awesome right? A love name for a Zulu boy to grow up with in Zola.

But she didnt end there. She/he/they (this is Africa, we all name YOUR child) decided to add Edmund. Edmund?

“Introducing kwaito star Eddy” didnt have a great ring to it so he decided on Mandoza.

And we are all thankful for that because if you wore dickies, all stars and listened to kwaito, and you said I listen to Mandoza. You were officially a boss. A “G”.


4. He was gymnast

Now this fact is something I heard him say on while he was with his long time friend and former Chiskop “band mate” General. And they asked him what he did a child and he said “We used to do gymnastics…” and I thought to myself well…he does seem to be very balanced. Think about it. He did gymnastics and the man knew how to squat on stage with mic in hand and sing at the same time without breaking a sweat in ways that even Mary J. Blige and Beyonce would be proud of!

My point here is that even greats like Mandoza did things that broadened who they were. And he used it later in life, kinda, to be a great stage performer.

Thats a great lesson for all the G’s out there

3. He was arrested

Ah yes youth. The golden ages where you hope you don’t get caught. Are you cheating on your girlfriend? Are you asking your mom for textbook money but it’s actually money to go to Taboo?

Do you have a blesser and are hoping you parents dont find out?

Well Mandoza never had that luxury so him and his friends stole a car at age 16. Simple as that and he got caught. Spent a year and a half in Diepkloof prison, but probably not like rappers in America writing rhymes and exercising. He was probably thinking about life outside of prison and the ZCC service that’s coming his way in the form of a preaching prisoner.

This was a pivotal moment in Mandoza’s life, because when he was released he started Chiskop with his childhood friends, S’bu (not be confused with DJ Sbu), Siphiwe and Sizwe.

Without getting caught we would still be thinking we could get it if we just say on the corner of that street but now we can ask the question.

2. He booked out Sun City to shoot a music video

Remember the music video for Mandoza’s song Tornado? Is there anyone in the background?

Its just Mandoza in a very Matrix like leather jacket. Yeah that’s because he booked it out. The whole thing!

Yep he hit it first like Ray J but unlike Ray J. Mandoza was the only musician to hit Sun City for a music video. Eat that Ricky Rick and Cassper. I don’t know why I mentioned them. Because Mandoza was a KWAITO STAR NOT A RAPPER!

1. He released an album last year

You didn’t know? Wow! Where have you been? No seriously where have you been. It was all over Instagram. Where you are all day long how could you not see it?

Anyway it was called Sgantsontso. He released it the 1st of December 2015 with great songs like yellow beemer featuring Hydro.



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