7de Laan actress Mbali Mlotshwa was a victim of a slew of racial slurs from the Afrikaans soapie fans following an episode in which her character portrayed the lover interest in an interracial relationship.

The soapie uploaded a picture on Facebook of Mlotshwa and Werner Coetser, who play Nandi and Barnard respectively, kissing on March 22.


The post bizarrely sparked a series of racial slurs in the comments section – even from some of her colleagues.

Mlotshwa took to her Instagram account on Sunday and said: “….the crazy thing is racial slurs happened on set with people I thought were educated and open minded (sic).”

Kayleigh Grimbeek wrote in the comments section: “The WHOLE ENTIRE BIBLE teaches us to NOT mix our seed……Did you know that while white people can donate blood to blacks, about 90% of blacks’ blood will be rejected by a white person’s body… Wonder why…(sic)”

Ann Esterhuizen added: “Luckily there’s other channels to watch, I’m not a racist but people must know their place soapies give certain races sh**ty ideas.”

Most of the 400 comments were racist while some tried to defend the storyline.

Source : time


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