Actor Sicelo Buthelezi Harassed by Skeem Saam Fan Over Controversial CharacterActor Sicelo Buthelezi Harassed by Skeem Saam Fan Over Controversial Character (Image Credit: Instagram)

Sicelo Buthelezi Harassed by Skeem Saam Fan Over Controversial Character

South African actor Sicelo Buthelezi, who portrays the character of Toby on the SABC1 soapie Skeem Saam, has revealed that he was recently “harassed” by a viewer of the show.

Actor Reveals Fan Called Him “Skeem Saam Rapist”

In a social media post, Buthelezi recounted an incident where a fan accosted him at a gas station, greeting him as the “Skeem Saam rapist” due to his character’s recent storyline.

Just walked inside a garage and the guy standing next in line greets me like ‘Eyy ke wena rapist ya #SkeemSaam’. Kinda felt something inside hey. I’m just an actor bro,” wrote Sicelo Buthelezi.

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Backlash Over Toby’s Rape Storyline on Soapie

Buthelezi’s character, Toby, has been at the centre of a controversial r*pe storyline on Skeem Saam. In the show, Toby r*ped his underage girlfriend Ntswaki (played by Lethabo Mekoa) after she changed her mind about having lula lula with him.

Fans Defend Buthelezi’s Convincing Performance

Despite the backlash, many viewers defended Buthelezi, stating that the harassment he faced was actually a compliment to his convincing portrayal of the character.

Here are some of the reactions from social media;


That’s a compliment bro….you are killing your role.


That means you’re playing your character well



That’s a great compliment it means you are killing the character.


You’re crushing it. Obakeng from etvScandal used to be insulted for DV because he triggered people with his performance. Job well done.


I thought about how you are being perceived after tecent scenes, it’s a very sensitive topic with hardly any faces to it and a huge sacrifice in order to educate others. I don’t know you IRL but so proud of you for getting us talking about it so much!

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