Serial blessee Amanda Cele has now come out again with claims that she once had a one night stand with DA frontman, Mmusi Maimane.

Speaking to iMzansi from her base in leafy Sandton, the busty Amanda said she was introduced to Mmusi at a private function in Cape Town.  One thing led to another and the two ended up in the hotel room, she said. Amanda was not shy to share the intricate details with our personnel going as far as confirming that Mr Maimane is cir_cumcised, “he is a true gentleman and insisted on using a condom”, Amanda said. “He was not married at that time and was still at University and unknown”.

Amanda further set the record that the one night stand affair happened before Mmusi Maimane got married and it was really a once off thing. “I actually never saw him from then until he started appearing on TV again and that is when I recognized him from the mark on his face”, Amanda said. When asked why she is only talking about this now and whether this was a plan to discredit the DA leader, Amanda said, “I am rich already. He was not a blesser when we met. Just two young adults in the moment of things. I do miss him though”, she said.

She also insisted she was not trying to get any money off Mmusi and has actually never spoken to him ever since. “I just want people to know” she said.

Source : iMzansi Satire



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