American Popstar Apologizes For Stealing Dj Lag’s Beat

American Popstar Apologizes For Stealing Dj Lag's Beat

American Popstar Apologizes For Stealing Dj Lag’s Beat

American pop star, has apologized to DJ Lag for not crediting him on DJ Megan Ryte’s new song, Culture. 

In recent days, DJ Megan Ryte has been slammed for stealing the beat of DJ Lag’s song titled Ice Drop. However, took the blame and admitted that he is the one who got the credit information wrong. took to social media yesterday and took the blame for the drama surrounding DJ Megan’s newly released song.

“When I realised I made a mistake I tired to fix it but at that point it was too late. So to that I apologise to DJ Lag. DJ Lag you are an awesome producer! You have an amazing future ahead of you and I am so sorry for getting the information wrong.

Moreover, I also apologize to DJ Megan from the bottom of my heart. She doesn’t deserve the hate that you are throwing at her. The person that’s at fault is myself,” said

However, DJ Lag has since photoshopped himself into Megan Ryte’s pic. In the snap, the US DJ is with ASAP Ferg and The pic was taken on the day the US superstars recorded the recently released track, Culture, DJ Megan, who is accused of stealing the Gqom producer’s track posted the snap on Instagram recently. DJ Lag then took to Instagram and shared the photoshopped snap after Megan didn’t credit him for using his beat on her new song.

Regardless, fans have since argued that’s apology is not sufficient enough citing that DJ Lag should be compensated in monetary form. However, it’s yet to be seen where or not will fork out a couple of Benjamins to cover up for stealing the beat, but considering the fact that he’s a billionaire, it shouldn’t be much of a fuss for him.


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