NOKWANDA Gotywa (42) said five madalas wearing long black coats came to her house last week. They demanded food from her. The worried woman thought she was having a nightmare. A week later, Nokwanda’s life became hell. She is worried that her angry ancestors are following her.

Nokwanda, from Bhongweni Village in Mthatha, said: “On Friday morning at about 5am I woke up to get ready for work. “When I went to the lounge I was shocked to find five madalas wearing long black coats.” She said one of the madalas told her they were her ancestors and had come to ask for food. “My screams woke my husband and son up when they came to see what was happening, the madals were already gone.

“The madalas’ visit haunted me the whole day and my husband suggested we call a sangoma.” She said the sangoma told her to prepare umqombothi, a matchbox and fruit and vegetables as an offering to her hungry ancestors. “The sangoma told me to leave the offering behind my kitchen door over night. I did everything the sangoma told me to do, but the next morning I was shocked to find umqombothi and the other stuff still there.

“To my surprise I found a note saying ‘Sus’nyela, we want pizza’. I called the sangoma again and he told me he has never dealt with such strange ancestors. He then refunded me.” Another sangoma, Gogo Nkanyezi said when ancestors ask for food it doesn’t mean they want actual food.

“A white goat was supposed to be slaughtered instead of offering fruit and vegetables.” Nokwanda said her family will not do anything until they get guidance from a strong sangoma.

Source : DailySun


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