Andile Nebulane TrollAndile Nebulane (Image: Zimoja)

Generations: The Legacy Actor Andile Nebulane Spends Over R25,000 to Unmask Internet Troll Spreading False Claims

Popular actor Andile Nebulane, best known for his role as Officer Pele in Generations: The Legacy, recently took a bold step to defend his reputation.

When faced with malicious accusations from an internet troll, Nebulane decided to hire a private investigator to uncover the identity of the person behind the ghost account.

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The Damaging Claims Against The Actor

The troll, using the name Amanda Waller, publicly labelled Nebulane a deadbeat dad, accusing him of being promiscuous and abandoning his children. This anonymous individual went as far as warning others to steer clear of him.

“Please stay away from this man. His name is Andile Nebulane, better known as Dali from Generations. He’s a deadbeat who sleeps around, impregnates women, and then abandons his children. Sasithe (We said) deadbeats must be named and shamed mos,” the ghost account wrote.

“He masquerades as a present father, yet he’ll disappear for weeks, leaving his children alone while on drinking sprees. Some of his kids don’t even know what R2 from him looks like ke phof.” The person went on to ask whether his employee, Mfundi Vundla on Generations: The Legacy was happy with his employee being an absent father.

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Unmasking the Accuser: Private Investigator on the Case

Infuriated by these accusations, Nebulane didn’t take the matter lightly. He enlisted the help of a private investigator, investing over R25,000 to uncover the identity of the person behind the malicious posts. The investigator successfully traced the troll back to a woman named Lilitha Bolani from the Eastern Cape.

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Internet Troll Apologises To Andile Nebulane After Being Unmasked

Andile Nebulane troll
Lilitha Bolani the troll that vilified Andile Nebulane (Image: Zimoja)

Nebulane’s lawyer promptly contacted Bolani, who expressed disbelief at being exposed. Realizing her mistake, Bolani issued a public apology on social media, retracting her false statement about Nebulane and acknowledging that it was not her place to comment on his personal life.

“On the 2nd of May 2023, I tweeted about Andile Nebulane. I retract that tweet as it was not my place to comment on his personal life. My apologies,” she shared.

A friend who spoke to Zimoja said that Andile is also considering taking legal action should Lilitha not rectify the defaming claims.

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