Anele Zondo PregnancyAnele zondo speaks on her shock pregnancy-Image Source@X

Renowned musician, television host, and actress Anele Zondo, widely known as Ney The Bae, has opened up about the life-altering experience of discovering her unplanned pregnancy.

Following the confirmation of pregnancy rumours circulating on social media, Zondo unveiled her latest EP, Vuka, on Friday.

Anele Zondo Finding Out About Her Unplanned Pregnancy

In a candid revelation on her Instagram stories, Zondo described the overwhelming emotions she felt upon learning she was pregnant. “I was in complete shock, I could hardly breathe,” she recounted.

“I knew my entire life was about to change. I was utterly lost, but the moment I heard my baby’s heartbeat, everything made sense. This is my destiny,” she shared.

Just two months prior, Zondo was laser-focused on establishing her own recording studio at home. Reflecting on that period, she believes she was following her instincts.

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Anele Zondo
Anele Zondo opens up about her shock pregnancy-Image Source@X

Support from Family and Team

“Tears were a daily occurrence as my life transformed,” Zondo admitted. She also faced the challenge of informing her team about her pregnancy. Fortunately, her family was unwavering in their support.

“My family stood by me from day one. They said, ‘You’re entering your 30s, it’s the perfect time.’

Zondo grappled with confusion as she balanced her thriving career with impending motherhood. However, her team assured her of their support, though they later suggested pausing her music projects until after the birth. This left her stunned.

“I was not incapacitated. My mind and creativity were still vibrant and active,” she stated.

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Embracing New Inspirations

Despite the challenges, Zondo found inspiration from new sources and committed herself to discovering her voice anew.

“I’m in love with two things: the greatest blessing of becoming a mother and my music. I’ve poured my soul into my Vuka EP. It’s not just about the lyrics but the essence of awakening,” she expressed.

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