Yet Another case has been reported of a customer receiving white paper from an ATM in between his notes, and finding he was short on cash.

Theunis Heck, a former policeman in East London, was out shopping at OK foods at Twinpalms Centre last Thursday, April 7.

He tried to withdraw R2 000 from an Absa ATM at the centre, but saw he was short R100 upon receiving his cash.

“When I proceeded to count the money, as I always do, I found two red and white SBV papers amongst the money in two different locations,” Heck told News24 on Thursday.

“They were not one after the other, more or less six bank notes apart from each other.”

He said he found that he only had R1 900, and not R2 000. The SBV papers were among the R50 notes, and seemingly the same size as a R10 note.

SBV Services is the transit group responsible for the loading of cash into ATMs.

Attempts to get refund ‘fruitless’

Heck said he tried to follow up with Absa about the incident.

The bank told him he should get in contact with SBV Services. SBV Services said he should get in contact with the bank.

He has yet to receive his refund.

“I know of one other person that this happened to at the same ATM too,” he added.


‘White paper’ incident in Cape Town

This follows another incident in Cape Town, where a Scottsville woman found white pieces of paper in between her notes after withdrawing R1 000 from an Absa ATM last week.

News24 on Wednesday spoke to SBV Services about the Cape Town incident.

SBV said the “white paper” was a tag used to separate cash notes, and that only one tag was dispensed due to “human error”, despite the woman’s claims that she had received four.

News24 also spoke to Absa’s provincial managing executive Doug Walker on Wednesday, who said the Cape Town incident was “rare and isolated”.

“We have no recent record of this happening and so this is a very rare and isolated incident,” Walker said.



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