Witch sightings are becoming more popular by the day. It seems people are fortifying themselves and their homes such that any evildoer who tries to come in between ends up exposed and caught.
Such is the case of one woman who was caught sitting outside a home without any clothes on her body.

The incident happened right at the crack of dawn when the homeowner woke up to clean her yard. Imagine the shock she got when she stumbled upon her aunt sitting right there nak_ed.

The na_ked woman, identified as Nomagugu Sithole is related to Florence (the homeowner) but they hadn’t seen each other in about 5 years. Perhaps more curious is the fact that this aunt happens to live in Gauteng province and she has no recollection of how she got to the Eastern Cape.

Moreso, she didn’t have any luggage on her person to suggest that she might have come for a visit. Instead, Nomagugu had several beads tied around her waists and was holding a calabash with unknown contents.

“I was shocked to see my aunt right outside my house. I mean, I’ve always known she’s not a good person but seeing the evidence for myself terrified me ” Mrs Florence Nxaba told iMzansi

“I just screamed. I couldn’t let her inside my house. What if she harmed me or planted some things in there” she went on to say.

It didn’t take long for an incensed mob to form around Nomagugu soon after Florence’s screams. The crowd taunted her and interrogated her whilst waiting for the arrival of the police. Florence and her family just stood by, speechless for most of the part.

Nomagugu was taken into police custody where the police couldn’t get coherent statements out of her. The case is likely to be turned over to the traditional chief.

Source: iMzansi


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