Babalwa Mneno Distances Herself From Sex Trafficking Allegations

Babalwa Mneno responds to sex trafficking allegations

Babalwa Mneno Distances Herself From Sex Trafficking Allegations

Reality Television personality, Babalwa Mneno has distanced herself from allegations of pimping and sex trafficking young women.

Mneno issued a long statement on social media denying the allegations and lamenting how the ‘baseless’ allegations are ruining her reputation and causing violence and emotional distress.

Below is Babalwa’s statement in its entirety.


15 September 2020

I note with dismay the accusations mounting that I am involved in the human trafficking scheme on social media, for the past few years my name has been tarnished constantly, this is an attempt to impugn on my character without any adverse findings and I find all these allegations patently false.

Upon seeking a legal opinion from my lawyer, I have decided to write and categorically state that all these malicious, ridiculous allegations are unfounded and desperate. I have never been involved in all of the purported crimes and I maintain that my role in this society as a woman is to continue to conduct legit businesses however, the social media bullying has caused reputational damage, violence, and emotional distress.

All this happens when our country is faced with heinous crimes of human trafficking and gender-based violence, as a woman I have the same fear of being in our country lust like any other woman, this fear is manifested by the violence meted out on women and there is no exceptional rule for as long as femininity is relegated or represent subordination in our society. It is my wish that this is rooted out and I will never endanger any woman.

In light of the above-mentioned facts, I wish to indicate that an investigation to understand the provenance of the accusations as well people who continue to vigorously peddle them is underway and I have been advised by my lawyers that legal action will be taken as soon as this issue has crystalized.

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