A theft victim decided to take street justice to a whole new level after a thief had stolen his one and only bike.

The bike owner, identified as Mzwanele Mbuli (39) procured the services of a township sangoma in order to have his bike retrieved.

“I’m not a rich person. I have this old bike which I use to go to and from work then someone decided to steal it from me. I wanted it back and the police were not helping me” said an aggrieved Mzwanele in a bid to justify his decision.
After the sangoma cast his spell a swarm of bees literary came from nowhere and made a home on Muzwanele’s bike.

Any time the thief made attempts to get on the bike the bees would start stinging him viciously. They didn’t allow anybody to get close to the bike without reacting angrily. Eventually they started following the thief only known as Kabelo and stinging him when they got a chance.

“Hai, I had no peace. Whenever I left my house some bees would start stinging me. I tried spraying them but more still came” Kabelo spoke out about the mysterious incident.

It was after two days when there was no change in the situation when the thief decided to give in and confess to his crime. As if sensing the owner had come back for the bike the bees dissipated immediately and left the bike in peace.

Kabelo is now being charged with theft and is due for his appearance court appearance of the 6th of December.

Source: imzansi



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