A Pietermaritzburg girl,  Nondu, got the surprise of her life when her blesser gave her a ‘lavish’ gift in the form of a money producing tokoloshe.

“I only got to find out what it was after opening it at home. It was this hideous thing which resembled a cross between a rat and a bird” Nondu told the press.

Unbeknownst to her the moment she opened the gift the tokoloshe became bound to her.

“It speaks to me always asking me if I need money or anything. This evil thing is now forcing me to become its wife” she lamented. Any attempts to contact the blesser on her part is now in vain.

“He laughed at me and he told me he wanted to teach girls like me a lesson”

Nondu is appealing to the community members if they can find a powerful sangoma who can remove this evil thing which is ruining her existence. She has tried prophets and other sangomas only to be told that only the person who gave it to her has the power to take it back.

According to a Joburg sangoma(name withheld) this particular tokoloshe was procured from a very famous witch doctor from Mozambique and the magic involved is very difficult to reverse.

The blesser is nowhere to be found as he is said to have left town indefinitely.

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