Blue Mbombo Speaks On Being South Africa’s Kim Kardashian

She’s one of the biggest reality stars in the country, but for Blue Mbombo reality star fame is just part of her exciting journey to stardom.

From Diski Diva’s to Big Brother, Blue Mbombo has captured Mzansi’s heart and has drawn comparisons to Kim Kardashian.

blue thandi mbombo

And although she is shy to put herself on the same level as the American reality superstar, Blue says she’s always been involved in reality TV.

“Not many people know that my first reality show was in 2011,” she tells The Juice in a chat recently.

“The biggest show was obviously Big Brother, but even after that I still don’t feel like a big big star. Maybe as time goes by I will, but for now I’m not yet where I want to be,” she says.

Blue reveals that although reality TV is unscripted, it’s only in her most recent reality show role, on Mzansi Magic’s Diski Divas, that she feels most comfortable.

“With Diski Diva’s it’s a bit different. It’s the real me. I’m just me being me and not really caring what other people are doing.

Actually, I’m the most natural one of all the girls because they are always fighting and they hate each other. It’s real, but I’m just doing me,” she says.


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