Breakup lines men use and what they really mean

Men sometimes find the silliest reasons to break up with a girl, most of the time these break-up lines don’t mean what you think they mean. Here are the top ten worst break up lines and what men really mean when they say them.


1. “You deserve better” -basically he means HE deserves better

2. “We are too alike” – It simply means you bore him

3. “You don’t get me” – It’s a kinder way of saying I don’t want you

4. “I’m not ready for the real thing” – It means what you have with him isn’t the real thing

5. “I love you like a friend” – basically you don’t turn him on

6. “I need space” – nicer way of saying I want to get far, far away from you

7. “I need to focus on my career” – Know that he’s crushing on his co-worker

8. “I don’t want to hold you back” – You’re a drag basically

9. “We are just at different points in our lives” – He means you’re beneath him

10. “My feelings for you are so intense, they scare me” – It means his feelings for you are nonexistent.


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