A Johannesburg based Nigerian pastor David Asomugha has allegedly brutalized his maid for telling what he deemed was a lie.

According to close neighbours the Pastor delivered harsh corporal punishment to the house help that she had to seek medical attention.

The girl is a 19 year old orphan who used to stay with the pastor and did household chores for him. The so called lie comes after the maid confessed that the pastor is always around but chooses not to avail himself to the congregation members.

“We felt that the pastor was not accessible to us as the man of God should be. Every time we come to his house he tells us that he is not there or he is busy. We have personal issues we need the father of the church to address” bemoaned one church member.

“He should step down immediately. Not only has he physically assaulted an innocent girl but he has also shamed himself in front of God!” one of the church elders said.

Pastor Asomugha is facing charges for grievous bodily harm and he also faces a disciplinary hearing from the church.

He has refused to comment on the issue, preserving his constitutional right to remain silent.

Source: Online



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