Busiswa To Release New Album

Busiswa To Release New Album

Busiswa To Release New Album

Busiswa Gqulu aka Busiswa is due to release her much-anticipated album titled My Side of the Story come Friday next week.

The 32-year-old has since said the much-anticipated album will include some new sounds where she will be experimenting with her voice.

To date, Busiswa has already dropped one of the tracks on the album titled Makhazi which is seemingly sitting well with music revelers.

“A lot of the time in my music I like to celebrate women that’s the reason for Makhazi and I have just been surrounded by women so this time I just thought to do the track. Moreover, the album is coming out next week Friday. I am going to release the tracklist today. There was a lot I wanted to say and I was also experimental with my voice I also featured a producer from Nigeria and an artist from Namibia. I have 10 years in the industry so I just want to try something different. A lot of the time women’s voices are not heard in the dance music because it’s a male-dominated industry so I am trying to change that narrative,” said Busiswa.

The songstress also described how she felt when Beyoncé asked her to be part of her album which was released last year titled The Lion King: The Gift Project.

“It was a life-changing moment when I did that collaboration with BeyoncĂ© it was just incredible she’s so gracious and so respectful I will never forget that experience. The moment they asked me if I was interested in The Lion King: The Gift Project I was like really! Immediately I started working on the project it was such an awesome experience,” said the songstress.

Busiswa also lamented the manner in which the Ministry of Sports Arts and Culture has been treating artists and sports personnel during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

“Nobody saw this pandemic coming however, the Department of Arts and Culture has let a lot of people down yet it is the arts and culture that has kept people going during this pandemic yet nothing has been really done to assist the artists some have lost their homes and cars, I think it’s only a few people who have benefited from the Department so I feel the government is letting us down,” added Busiswa.


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