Cassper Nyovest is working hard on enhancing his egoistic bad boy image and does not have time for rude fans.

The rapper spoke his his mind recently when a fan was being rude about something that is not his fault.

The Cooking in the Kitchen rapper shared a picture on Instagram promoting his upcoming show in Namibia, and one fan decided to use the opportunity to voice his anger over Cassper being a no show at Nicki Minaj’s concert in Cape Town.

The irate fan used a lot of colourful language, but basically she was mad because she thought the rapper would be opening for Nicki like he did at her Johannesburg show.

But Cassper was only meant to perform in Joburg, and it seems the confused fan did not know that.

Instead of getting mad at the fan’s rudeness, Cassper respectfully set the record straight.

“Please respect me and refrain from swearing at me. I wasn’t booked for the Nicki show in Cape Town therefore I don’t owe anyone an apology… If anything @aireyscott should have explained to fans…”

That should have cleared up the confusion, right? But the fan was adamant that Cassper was meant to perform.

“What?? We were told you were the opening act for Cape Town! We were even reminded. There were a lot of your fans representing you at the concert as well… wow. I’m sorry for swearing at you. I was really upset about the fact that you didn’t show up and that you didn’t even apologize to your Cape Town fans just to find out you weren’t even booked for Cape Town. @aireyscott please don’t EVER give passionate fans false hope in the future. It’s really disappointing.

Mmm, it seems other fans also thought Cassper would be performing in Cape Town.

Source : Zalebs


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