Cassper and iFani to the rescue

Cassper has been in the news lately for all the wring reasons. Not this time.
Rap artists have joined in the cause to raise cash for student funding by donating R100,000 to Wits University.
R10 million is the amount the Wits SRC aims to raise for disadvantaged students who can’t affford their tuition.


So far, the drive has gotten off to a good start with rappers iFani and Cassper helping out by giving R50,000 each.

“I accepted Ifani’s challenge to match his 50k going towards helping the students of WitsUniversity with their #Accesscampaign. They are trying to raise 10 million rand to pay school fees debt. I am challenging all South African rappers to join us. Get involved #WillYouRespond,” said Cassper on his social media accounts.

“I Just donated R50 000 to #GraduatesForTheCause to assist @WitsSRC raise R10m for their #Access Campaign for fees. let education continue,” said iFani.

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