Cassper Nyovest Laments Soaring Electricity Costs in Johannesburg

South African rapper Cassper Nyovest has taken to social media to voice his frustration over the rising electricity tariffs, revealing the staggering amounts he pays to keep his Johannesburg mansion illuminated.

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High Costs and Fewer Units

On Wednesday, Nyovest shared his struggles with the escalating costs, highlighting a recent discrepancy in the units of electricity he received for the same amount of money.

Guys, does the price of electricity change? Last week I bought R3,000 electricity and it was 900 units. Today R3,000 only gave me 750 units,” Cassper Nyovest tweeted.

Cutting Back Yet Still Expensive

Despite taking measures to reduce consumption, Nyovest expressed disbelief at the high costs he continues to face.

What’s mad is that R3,000 rand electricity lasts a week in my house, with the geysers off and everything! Life in Johannesburg is crazy,” he added.

Switching to Prepaid

The rapper detailed his journey from a monthly electricity bill of R18,000 to a slightly less daunting R12,000 after switching to a prepaid system.

“I have a full Solar too. So I don’t experience load shedding. Mara still, electricity in this country has become too expensive. R12,000 a month on electricity is madness man. It used to be R18,000 a month before I moved to prepaid,” he explained.

Future Concerns

Nyovest’s post also conveyed his anxiety about the future of electricity costs in South Africa.

Like, this is scary. What’s going to happen in 5 years?” he questioned, reflecting a broader concern shared by many citizens grappling with increasing utility expenses.

The rapper’s candid revelations have sparked a conversation among his followers and the public, with many echoing his concerns and sharing their own experiences with high electricity costs.


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