It may seem like Cassper Nyovest is living the high life‚ however‚ believe it or not‚ there are pitfalls to being famous.

In a candid video posted recently‚ the rapper opens up about the real price of fame‚ including how it can affect your love life.

The Doc Shebeleza rapper took to Snapchat on Monday to share a series of videos of himself in his hotel room‚ reflecting on his career and the sacrifices that come with it.

“Relationships are impossible to maintain because there’s just no time when you’re as ambitious as I am‚“ Cassper said in the video.

“A lot of people don’t know how lonely the road actually is. Most of the time you’re just in a hotel room thinking about a lot of sh*t. You work so hard to buy cars and cribs that you don’t end up staying in or driving because you’re on the road trying to sustain the life.”

Even though Cassper wouldn’t give up his career for anything‚ he just wants people to know that it’s hard work.

“It looks fun from the outside but it’s not as fun from the inside. It’s hard work. I’m not sulking. It was all worth it. I wouldn’t change this sh*t for nothing.”

The comments come only a month after it was confirmed that the rapper had split from his girlfriend‚ Boity Thulo‚ late last year.

At the time of the reports‚ Cassper refused to talk about the break up but Boity alluded to the fact that the couple had grown apart because of Cassper’s busy work load.

“It’s just time that’s all it was‚” she said in a video chat with TrueLove magazine.

Source : Time


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