THE private wedding of legendary Trompies member DJ Mahoota at his Meadowlands, Soweto, home a fortnight ago was disrupted after fellow artist Mjokes was assaulted with a beer bottle.

Mjokes, real name Emmanual Matsane, sustained a gushing wound to his head and was rushed to Tshepo Temba private hospital, where he was stitched up and discharged the same night.

He was assaulted by thugs, according to a relative, who were led by a notorious Soweto gangster known only as Barren.

The relative, who declined to be named, said the tsotsis also purloined cellphones from Mahoota s guests and brazenly robbed them of their money and other belongings.

Mahoota later switched off the sound system and stopped the wedding celebrations. Mjokes confirmed he attended Mahoota ’ s wedding gig but denied he was moered on the head with a beer bottle.

When pressed about the dramatic details of the incident, he asked to be called later, but ignored our calls.
Mahoota, christened Zynne Sibika, confirmed that Mjokes was bliksemmed with a beer bottle but denied it happened on his wedding day.

“Yes, Mjokes was hit with a bottle but it is not true that I was getting married on that day. It was a thanksgiving ceremony. Every year during this time I throw a thanksgiving party. I buy food and clothes for my township people and celebrate with them. You can go and check at the [department of] home affairs. I ’ m not married, my man, I ’ m still single,” he said.

However, three independent sources, including a relative and two guests, confirmed Mjokes was attacked at Mahoota s wedding.

They stole people s cellphones and even took stuff from other guests. Mjokes confronted Barren when he saw him fiddling with a guest s car. When he asked Barren what he was doing, he grabbed an empty bottle and hit Mjokes on the head,” said one guest.

The relative said Mahoota s family phoned the police, who arrived but failed to arrest the suspects.
Police arrived and we told them that the boys were in the marquee but they did not go in to arrest them said the relative.

She said Mahoota, who was playing on the decks, switched the sound off after Mjokes was hurt and taken to hospital.
He ended the whole thing and said he was not feeling happy to continue as his friend was wounded, lying in hospital,” she said.

The other guests confirmed Mahoota s ceremony was disrupted by the gang.

After the incident, they came back later and scaled down Mahoota s security wall and jumped into the house. When they were noticed by some family members, they ran away,” said the second guest.

Source:Sunday World


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