Chaos at Pretoria University over Afrikaans

ALL hell broke loose at University of Pretoria’s (UP) Groenkloof campus yesterday.

The fight was between those demanding that Afrikaans is no longer used as a medium of instruction at the university, and those insisting that it remain.

The anti-Afrikaans group is also demanding that the university changes its name to the University of Tshwane.

Things got bad when the two opposing groups hurled racial insults and threw stones, bricks and empty plastic bottles at each other.

This is the latest in a recent wave of conflict over Afrikaans at UP. Twenty-four anti-Afrikaans students were arrested on the campus on Friday.

UP suspended lectures on Groenkloof campus today.

IOL reported that white students said: “We are tired of having our rights trampled on by the protesting students. We have a right to be taught in the language of our choice.”

This group suggests that Afrikaans should stay but that another language of instruction, like Sepedi, be included at UP.

Although the university is historically Afrikaans, in recent times the demand to be taught in English has risen dramatically. According to a report, the number of students who would prefer to be taught in Afrikaans is only 17,9%.

Protests continue in the heart of Pretoria as supporters of #AfrikaansMustFall clash with pro-Afrikaans protestors chanting “Afrikaans sal bly [Afrikaans will stay]!”.



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