2 Soweto women are facing attempted murder charges after their revenge ploy on a player left him in a critical condition.

The man (name withheld for privacy reasons) had been two timing the women without them knowing and when they found out they decided to teach him a lesson.

Lebo, the co accused caught her boyfriend sleeping with another woman Thandiwe after she had decided to pass by his place to pick up her laptop charger.

“We heard a lot of commotion and loud voices and we assumed that the women were fighting each other over the guy,” a close neighbour said.

Several other neighbours said they heard the two timer’s blood curling screams and that’s when they thought of intervening.

“He thought he was a real man, we wanted to see if he can still be a real man after we had dealt with him,” Lebo was had shouting shortly before the police came.

Thandiwe merely said she was angry that this man was using her and she felt embarrassed when they were caught pants down with Lebo.

“In anger the two accused decided to revenge the victim but they they obviously took it too far and went above the law” the police spokesperson Mr Sibusiso Mlauzi told the press/

Meanwhile the victim suffered third degree burns from the paraffin and is in the intensive care unit at an unidentified hospital.

Source: Online


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