A vicious fight broke out between two ladies of Tembisa township after they found out they were being double crossed by the same man.

Barbara (39) found out that her husband Mukhetwa (47), had been involved in an affair with another woman Ayanda (32). A concerned neighbor who happens to go to the same church with Barbara alerted her about the comings and goings of her husband with Ayanda.


fight starting out


Barbara claims to have confronted her husband and he vehemently denied the allegations causing her to let the issue rest.
As proof Barbra was alerted by her churchmate that her husband was currently in Ayanda’s homestead.

in the heat of it

After arriving there in a flurry of rage Barbara dragged Ayanda by the hair and a fight broke out immediately. The ladies cursed at each other and screamed while they pulled and scratched. Barbara, who is of a bigger stature wrestled Ayanda to the ground and continued her assault.

They had to be restrained after some reasonable people concluded that one of them could seriously get hurt.

As for the cheating man in question he fled the scene immediately after the fight broke out. We can only imagine what went down there when Barbara confronted him.




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