Connie Ferguson Gives Tips On How To Get A Role On The Queen

Connie Ferguson Gives Tips On How To Get A Role On The Queen

Connie Ferguson Gives Tips On How To Get A Role On The Queen

Mzansi Magic’s The Queen is one of the soapies that keeps us glued to our small screens. This is probably due to its gripping and sometimes cutthroat storylines.

For actors to join the star-studded cast, it’s really a sign that their work is getting noticed on a larger scale.

The Queen actress and showrunner Connie Ferguson recently shared with Zalebs on how one can score a role on the show saying

People need to pester their agents because the bottom line is that we send out briefs to agents, we don’t have one on one contact with actors.

We do get a lot of actors sending through their C.V’s and their profiles but it’s difficult to try and contact and negotiate with an actor, directly and an actor that you’ve never worked with before so it’s easier to just go via agents.

So again, we send out briefs and what we get from agents is what we work with. Actors really need to work closely with their agents and ask them, ‘What’s happening? I need work, What’s happening with Ferguson Films? Are there any briefs coming in?

Aside from The Queen, Ferguson Films is also responsible for bringing shows like Unmarried, The Throne, Rockville, iGazi, The Gift among others.

Ferguson Films also has another production coming through on Netflix, called Kings Of Joburg.

In the past, The Fergusons have been accused of monopolizing the industry by recycling the same actors in all of their productions.

So aspiring actors have a role to play, make sure to get the best agents in the business who knows the ropes.

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