It’s been confirmed, Connie Ferguson is to return to Generations for a third time in January next year

Speaking to during a recent interview, Generations spokesperson Gaaratwe Mokhethi told the paper that “Connie Ferguson has returned to Generations. She started shooting with the show recently and the cast and crew are excited by her return.”

He also added that “she will be on screens for as long as her story line needs her” which is to say that she could be around for a while but at the same time her stay on the show could also be a brief one.

Gaaratwe also added that “the character of Karabo has always been key to the show,” in retrospect we’re sure many fans will be excited about her return to the show.

He further added that she’s set to return in January next year.

“We (Generations) have a great relationship with Connie and so when we called her to help us with her story line, she was happy to return,” Gaaratwe added.




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