Dumped Baby Police StationCops Finally Catch Mother Who Dumped Her Baby At A Police Station [Image: MDN News]

Cops have finally caught and arrested a mother who slyly dumped her baby at a police station last weekend.


How The Initial Incident Happened

On Saturday, 4 May 2024, the woman went to Ntuzuma Police Station in KwaMashu, KwaZulu-Natal. She then requested to relieve herself in the toilet.

One TikTok user revealed that the mother sneaked out of the station unnoticed and left her little child. The police failed to locate her and remained stuck with the crying baby.

The officers at Ntuzuma Police Station kept guard of the baby, who wailed heartbreakingly the whole night. The cops even contacted the Department of Social Development’s Welfare Services to no avail. The social workers said they had no standby staff as they only worked from Monday to Friday.


Dumped Baby Police Station
Cops Finally Catch Mother Who Dumped Her Baby At A Police Station [Image: TikTok]


One police officer at Ntuzuma Police Station took it upon herself to look after the dumped baby. The cop, Sergeant Masondo, held the baby the whole time as her own. She bought the child pampers, food and warm clothes and even bathed her.

Sergeant Masondo bonded with the baby so much that when she made her sit on the table, she would cry and only calm down after the cop held her close to her chest.


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The gesture by the police officer touched people online, and they commended her for her pure and good heart.

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Cops Catch Woman Who Dumped Her Baby At Ntuzuma Police Station

Police officers went on a spirited hunt for the heartless mother last week. MDN News has reported that the South African Police Service (SAPS) tracked the woman, and they have caught and arrested her for dumping her baby.

Sergeant Masondo, who cared for the child, was one of the officers who apprehended the unidentified mother.

Social media users felt sorry for the young woman.


“Leaving the child at the police station, hospital, or any place that provides social services shouldn’t be a crime. These young women need help, mental evaluation, etc. She didn’t harm the baby by leaving her where she knew she would get help. Instead of arresting this troubled young woman, HELP HER!!!”


“Somehow, I feel for her. She looks very young, and she’s not even wearing shoes,”


“Seems like a good person but was not in a good space.”


“Clearly, people do not know that postnatal depression illness will make you leave the baby and come back after the break. Some are caused by the trauma we got from giving birth.”


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